• Alpine Esports, a Group Renault brand and competitor in the Formula 1® series, has announced its partnership with QANplatform, a cutting-edge blockchain platform.
• The partnership will aid Alpine Esports’ fan engagement strategy and create practical use cases to support internal operations.
• QANplatform will become the Official Blockchain Partner of Alpine Esports, illustrating how blockchain technology can be used to develop applications beyond payments processing.

Alpine Esports Partners With QANplatform

Alpine Esports (a Group Renault brand, and inter alia in the Formula 1® Esports Series) and QANplatform, the cutting-edge blockchain platform, have announced a strategic partnership. The partnership aims to create a number of practical use cases for blockchain technology to show its versatility beyond payment processing for sim racing, esports and automotive industries.

Objectives of Partnership

The main objective of this partnership is to help Alpine Esports with their fan engagement strategy by enabling them to gamify their content. Additionally, QANplatform will provide access to its developer framework which will allow Alpine Esports to automate certain internal processes while providing secure and fast data that can be used to enhance team performance and organization.

Benefits for Alpine Esports

The benefits that this partnership provides for Alpine Esports include: creating new ways to attract viewers; gaining access to developer frameworks; automating internal processes; using secure data; enhancing team performance & organization.

Benefits for QANplatform

The benefits that this partnership provides for QANplatform include: showing the versatility of blockchain technology beyond payment processing; developing applications for businesses besides payments processing; becoming an official partner of Alpine eSports.


This strategic partnership between Alpine Esports and QANplatform is mutually beneficial as it allows both parties to create value through the use of blockchain technology. By leveraging its capabilities in areas such as fan engagement strategies and team performance & organization enhancement, both companies are able to benefit from each other’s expertise and resources.