• Bitcoin’s price has surged over the last couple of days and has broken past a key resistance level.
• Technical analysis shows that the market is trending impulsively to the upside, with the key $30K zone being the next probable target for the price in the short term.
• The RSI indicator should be monitored closely as it is entering overbought territory, indicating a possible bearish pullback or consolidation in the short term.

Daily Chart Analysis

Bitcoin’s price has rebounded decisively from its significant 200-day moving average, located around the $20K mark a few days ago. It then began to trend impulsively to the upside, eventually breaking above the $25K resistance level. Now, traders are targeting for a breakout above $30K as this would likely initiate a bullish phase in coming months. However, caution should be taken into consideration as there are signs of an imminent bearish pullback or consolidation due to overbought signals indicated by RSI indicator.

4-Hour Chart Analysis

On closer inspection of Bitcoin’s 4-hour chart, one can observe that it has recovered well from around $20K area and has broken past two prominent resistance levels at $23K and $25K respectively. These levels can potentially provide support on any retracement attempts in future. Additionally, RSI also points towards an impending bearish correction as it is now into overbought range but with a clearly bullish market structure in place; any pullbacks should remain limited and short lived.


Overall, Bitcoin’s price action is highly bullish at present but traders must keep an eye out for signs of reversal or stagnation in order to protect their profits and capital investments going forward. A breakout above $30K could propel BTC higher while bearish corrections may stall progress following prolonged rallies.


In conclusion, BTC’s current uptrend looks promising despite some signs of a potential reversal looming ahead due to technical indicators being in overbought territory. Traders should monitor both daily and 4-hour charts for opportunities to buy low or take profits before any significant pullbacks occur..