• Pepe Coin surged in popularity in May of 2021, causing a 1,800% price rally.
• This surge has shifted attention to other frog coins like Pepe (SOL) and PepeSol.
• There is an army of frog meme coins on the blockchains, each offering something unique for crypto investors.

Pepe Coin Mania Rocks Web 3.0 Space

In May of 2021, Pepe coin rocked the Web 3.0 space with a 1,800% price rally. This dramatic popularity debut put frog meme cryptos in the spotlight and had supporters comparing it to DOGE and SHIB. The flash rally was a bullish portent for Ethereum and DeFi crypto blockchains.

The Aftermath of the Price Surge

After the initial surge settled down, markets still had evidence that PEPE was here to stay as it rallied again on May 12th. As a result, crypto investors have been taking another look at Pepe (SOL). However, Pepe Coin isn’t the only one out there–there’s also PepeSol before it and many more frog meme coins on various blockchains for investors to check out as well.

What is an Army of Frogs?

Just like geese form flocks and bees form swarms, frogs form armies! These cryptos are all part of what makes up this small army of frog memes that can be found on different blockchains across the industry today.

Examples of Frog Cryptos

Some examples of these frog cryptos include: PEPE (ERC-20 token), S0L (on Solana) , XPEH (on Binance Smart Chain), FROG (on Tron), RIBBIT (on Cardano’s Shelley network), PFROG (on Algorand), HOPPY (on Polkadot’s Substrate framework) , etc… Each one provides something unique for crypto investors to explore further into Web 3.0 space .


The success story behind PEPE coin has caused attention to shift towards other frog coins like S0L and PepeSol–just two among many others out there across different blockchains today! All these projects offer something distinct for crypto investors willing to take another leap into Web 3.0 space with “armies” full of frogs!