A bitcoin whale moved the sum of 88,857 BTC between two wallets.

The $ 1.16 billion transaction makes it the largest ever in terms of fiat money

This transaction is still a far cry from the largest transfer in terms of the amount of Bitcoin Circuit ever made, which took place in 2011.

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An anonymous bitcoin whale has moved the largest amount of fiat value bitcoin in history. The transfer moved 88,857 BTC, worth $ 1.16 billion, from a Xapo wallet to an unknown wallet.

Data from Blockchain.com shows that the whale moved the sum on two respective transactions of 43,185 BTC and 45,671 BTC. At the time of this article’s layout, 1 BTC was trading around $ 13,451, bringing the total fiat value of the transaction to around $ 1,192,194,369.

45,671 #BTC (602,832,400 USD) transferred from #Xapo to unknown wallet

Bitcoin transaction details

The transaction originates from an address associated with a Xapo bitcoin wallet, which could help unravel the mystery of who is behind it. In 2019, Xapo was taken over by Coinbase Custody.

This could indicate that an institutional investor is behind this decision, although this cannot be independently verified. The transaction, which took place on October 26, had a fee of 0.00027847, or approximately $ 3.74. The transaction was confirmed on block 654,364.

The deal overshadows the previous fiat value record set in April 2019 by a transfer of 161,500 BTC from an address linked to the crypto exchange Bitfinex. With a bitcoin price of $ 6,800 at the time, this transaction was worth $ 1.1 billion.

Mt. Gox maintains the record

While this transaction is now the largest bitcoin transfer ever in fiat terms, it is significantly lower than the all-time BTC transaction record set on November 16, 2011 by Japanese crypto exchange Mt. Gox.

The deal , which transferred 550,000 BTC worth just $ 1.32 million at the time, is said to be worth $ 7.39 billion at current prices.